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“The Art of Color & Movement™” [2-day class #1] / Hands-on
Join Color Visionary Misael Aponte for an inspiring 2-day educational event where we explore the infinite possibilities in hair color with his innovative Veils, Curtains & Drapes™ color placement techniques.

This class will shift you from being a maintenance-Colorist to seeing yourself anew as a “Masterful Manipulator of Light.” Misael’s designs teach you the power of what you DON’T color! Learn where placing foils is of absolutely no value and how to use the architecture of the haircut to save both time, product & money – All while creating thrilling, long-lasting results for your Salon clients.

“Advanced Art of Color & Movement™” [2-day class #2] / Hands-on
[Misael’s Class #1 is a PRE-REQUISITE before taking Class #2.]
After learning the pattern of Color Visionary Misael Aponte’s unique color placement technique Veils, Curtains & Drapes™, expand your knowledge by adding more complex and elaborate designs to your arsenal so you can address coloring ANY hair cut!

With a focus on art, Misael’s 2-day Class #2 dives even deeper into his advanced color placement methods and teaches you to truly create “Wearable Art” for your Salon clients – using hair color.

“Mindful Color Placement” (1 day; Hands-on Workshop)
Oligo Professionnel International Color Director Misael Aponte’s innovative all day class begins with a journey through the world of Calura hair color. Then we delve into the Art of color placement and analyze the architecture of the haircut to create an intimate connection between color and cut. Finally, Misael’s hands-on demo guides you through how to allocate color precisely to the shape of the cut and fine-tune your hair color delivery!

“Inside Out-The Easy Way to Ombre!” (1 day; Hands-on Workshop)
In his “Inside Out” advanced hands-on class Oligo Professionnel International Color Director Misael Aponte shows you how to use INTERIOR color work to influence the overall exterior color result. In this technique we take advantage of the fact that hair thins as it grows downwards, allowing us the opportunity to visually showcase multiple surfaces at the same time. We explore all of the many advantages of interior to exterior color placement, while cautioning the pitfalls to avoid. Misael’s “Inside Out” will enlighten you on the endless creative possibilities in hair color by demonstrating how to use ALL available surfaces to show both interior and exterior tones to create the greatest visual impact for your salon clients!

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