Following is a small selection of Testimonials we’ve received from attendees of Color Visionary Misael Aponte’s innovative classes featuring his revolutionary Veils Curtains & Drapes color placement techniques….   

“Love love love Misael Aponte. He was so right about how things will click in your mind for months to come after an educational weekend.”
Julie S.

“Misael Aponte thank you for the life-changing Education.”
Maxine G.

“Misael Aponte is a color genius! … I respect this man, Misael Aponte – MY MENTOR – so much. Thank you for always pouring into me and encouraging me!”
Keya Artistically Neal / Founder; Kolour Kulture & Texture vs Race

“Hair color stole the show. … The show heralded the return to this area of Misael Aponte of Oligo Professional hair color. Misael is the most intense platform artist you’ll ever see. He teaches with his heart, soul and his expressions plead you understand what he’s saying. He is a Rembrandt of hair color.”
Steve Smith; Editor, salontarget.com

“The BEST color theory & technique class that we’ve taken thus far…”
Jennifer B., Manager, Salon de Criste

“I just wanted to thank you for all of the education and encouragement you gave me this past weekend… Your excitement and inspiration are nothing short of pure joy. I really jacked out some hair today-my clients went nuts!”
Kevin W.

“You have inspired me and made me MASTERFUL!!!”
Stacy C.

“Misael is able to do things with hair color which defy everything colorists learn. I am a much better colorist because of Misael. When you have a chance to witness his abilities and techniques you will see color differently.”
Richard G.

“Misael I have to shout it from the rooftops that my colors are exponentially better since learning in your class. People stop and ask me about my hair color, because they can’t figure out why it looks so fabulous. My clients are sending me referrals double from previous. Thanks a million times for coming over and sharing!!!”
Cindy W.

“Misael is a true visionary artist in this industry. Thanks for the amazing journey. I have worked 20 years as a platform artist and educator for major companies, I am an author, salon owner and artist. I spend a lot of time looking for new vision, but your class was a wow journey. Every once in a while we encounter someone who has insight, vision, originality, and simply has “IT”. You were that person for me. Thank you.”
Eric M.

“Thanks to Misael Aponte’s Art of Color and Movement #1 class I now have a deeper understanding of advanced color theory… Maximum coverage with minimal work. Should color be this much fun??!?”
Kathryn W.

“Your world will change after taking this incredible class.”
Cheri T.

“Thank you for reigniting my passion for hair and teaching me some great skills this weekend!”
Amber T.

“BEST COLOR CLASS EVER!!!!!! Misael Aponte left an enormous impression. His color workshop is a must. Vidal Sassoon is my hero in cutting, Misael Aponte is my hero in color. His creativity and knowledge are undeniable. The possibilities are endless!”
Janeth C.

“When a person has been in the biz 20 plus years as I have, gone to so many hair shows, classes, seminars beyond count, seen fads come and go of every nature it’s just down right RARE that something really new and revolutionary comes around. I’m not talking about repackaged, remixed, re-marketed. I’m talking about a new way of thinking about and doing color that simply blows away all other concepts. The chemists and hair color companies have given us these amazing colors, but to KNOW how to utilize them – that’s Mastery.
[Following…] Misael’s class all of a sudden your whole color palette becomes a new potential of possibilities and you will never look at it the same way. I feel that if I can master Misael’s concept of Veils Curtains and Drapes, I will once and for all become a true Master Hair colorist. Bless you Misael for sharing this nirvana of knowledge and letting me evolve to an incredible new level.”

Timothy B.

“Had an awesome weekend with Misael Aponte and my team members… Thanks to Misael for all the new inspiration and vision. I was so inspired by Misael Aponte this weekend that I couldn’t wait to get to the salon to use his techniques. Amazing!!!!!!”
Trish B.

“After two amazing days (of) education with our ENTIRE team of stylists, I can truly say Misael Aponte gave the best color class I have ever attended! Thank you for introducing us to this phenomenal class, The Art of color and Movement.”
Lani T.; Owner, Plum Salon.

“Thanks for such a wonderful class today Misael! LOVED your energy, your passion, vocabulary (and your outfit).
Excited to implement what I learned from you. Thanks for being such a bold and bright light in our industry. You were easily one of the most inspirational educators I’ve been so fortunate to have met and learned from. A million thanks!”

Christine H.

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